Sensuality:   A Woman’s Perspective
Weekend Retreats of Self-Discovery

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Psychological Domains of the Maiden, Mother and Crone

“Contemporary women can reintegrate their sexuality and reclaim desire by acknowledging all aspects of feminine way. First, you must consciously view yourself as an expression of the Goddess. Part of this re-imaging is internalizing the archetypes of the Triple Goddess, delineating the three aspects of feminine nature. These aspects are psychological functions within all women. Thus, each of the stages of our lives, Maiden, Mother, Crone, is also a domain (field of influence) within the feminine psyche. When we become fully conscious of the three sexual expressions of the Goddess within us, we may choose to express any one or all three simultaneously.

The Maiden within us is the playful child, delighting in the wonder of pleasure and sexual exploration. She is longing to be loved. She is the source of our natural curiosity and sensuality. The psychological readiness to awaken sexual energy and feeling permission “to do what feels good for me” in a safe setting are necessary for the Maiden to come out to play.

The Mother is the loving nurturer, bestowing unconditional acceptance on the beloved, and generating compassionate loving beyond self-gratification. She is the source within us of our capacity to build communion with another in the act of giving and receiving sexual pleasure. The Mother in us takes responsibility for seductive conditions and knows how to surrender to sexual desire.

The Crone is the wise woman within, who can consciously generate healing power. She is the part of us that feels empowered to act on intentional desire, in an honoring setting. The Crone is the teacher, encouraging us to listen to intuition and recognize divine guidance.

The I AM GODDESS self awareness integrates the domains of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The value of integrating the three expressions of the Goddess within your being, is to create the ability and the wisdom to express your sexuality more fully.” by Linda E. Savage,  PhD

My dear friend,  sexologist Dr. Linda Savage, inspired me to select the general theme of this workshop series.   Graciously, she gave me permission to use her beautiful and concise description of The Triple Goddess archetype which integrates the wholeness within that each of us, as women, can and must embrace to fully and beautifully step into our authentic selves.  While the general focus of this series will be around our sexual and sensual selves; it is imperative that each of us also understand that without fully stepping into our authentic selves, we cannot attain the full richness of what it truly means to be a woman.

There is so much to discover about each aspect of the Triple Goddess archetype model and how it affects relationship with self and with others.   For that reason,  I have purposely decided to pre-screen potential participants so that that each small group of ten will share  similar lifestyles and life experience.  To read this article in its entirety, please visit  Psychological Domains of the Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Please take a few minutes and select one or two of the events which you intuitively identify with and follow the link to learn more specific information about each one.   Then once you have decided which event calls to you,  please complete the pre-screen registration application included within the chosen link and submit it off to me.

Dates TBD -  SENSUALITY: From a Woman’s Perspective – Sensual Mysteries of the Triple Goddess (An Introduction to Maiden/Mother/Crone)

Dates TBD – Women over 45 in committed relationship  (focus on Mother/Crone archetypes)

Dates TBD –   Women  25 – 45 in committed relationship (focus on Maiden/Mother archetypes)

Dates TBD   Women  25 – 45 single or poly-amorous (focus on Maiden/Mother archetypes)

Dates TBD- Women of all ages  in a care-giving relationship  (focus on Mother/Crone archetypes)