The Power of Erotic Touch and
Soulful Communication

based on the wisdom of Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Phd

Weekend Retreats with EveLynn
for Couples and Partner Pairs

Feb 11  – 14, 1016 – A Lovers Retreat  for committed couples and partner pairs
not yet scheduled  – for open minded and poly couples and partner pairs
not yet scheduled   – a clothing optional experience for all

at Sacred Haven,  Kissimmee, Florida

This will be a Meditation of Touch

Touch is a Language without Words
Touch is a Dance of Energy
Touch is a Dance of Love

(borrowed from The Essential Tantra by Kenneth Ray Stubbs)

This is a retreat for those who wish to truly connect with self and others in intimate joyful communion. It is about releasing repression and discovering love in a whole new way. In meditative space filled with Loving Intent, the magic of the Sacred Sensual merges body and soul with body and soul. And then, something very Precious and very Divine is birthed.

In a sacred, warm, non-sexual (but very sensual) environment you will learn to incorporate Touch, Smell, Sight, Sound, Silence, Movement and Sexual Energy into a Spiritual and Sensual package that will become the core of your life force. You will discover the exquisite power of Sacred Intimacy through the Power of Sensual Touch and the joy of Soulful Communication.

The majority of EveLynn’s  “knowingness” comes from her heart; the rest from philosophies and teachers who have happened into her life – such as Ina Laughing Winds and the Quodoshka teachings, Dr. Deborah Anapol, Shantam Nityama,  Raphael and Kutira of Oceanic Tantra, Kenneth Ray Stubbs and the Sexual Shaman Seminars, and Margo Anand and her  wonderful books and videos on Sacred Sensuality, as well as several others who have consciously contributed to the concept of Sacred Sensuality.

In 2003, EveLynn was invited to attend and completed the Inaugural Certification program offered by the Institute of Advanced Studies for Human Sexuality in Sexological Bodywork. This certification program, developed and taught by Dr. Joseph Kramer, is the first of its kind to be recognized in California as a valid therapeutic model. EveLynn has also completed her Masters in Metaphysics and is completing a PhD in Holistic Life Coaching.

For additional information about this weekend retreat contact Evelynn